Elsa off center wide

“The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”… said ONLY Queen Elsa. Ever.

I sat in that movie theater with my four kiddos AND three of my nieces, watching the movie they’d been BEGGING us to bring them to see since the first moment they laid eyes on that absurdly addicting preview.

It was good, yes.  Funny, witty, charming… those Disney writers are CLEARLY good at what they do… but I DIDN’T know that this movie would reveal the newest, most BEAUTIFUL Disney princess yet to be created! (IMHO, of course.)

Now, I’m not blonde.  And while I have many blonde’s in my life who I love DEARLY, I have never pined to be counted among them.  I’m cool with brunette.  I can be dark and mysterious.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  Ok, fine, I’m rarely ever mysterious, but I LIKE dark hair.  Oh, nevermind.

My POINT is, it’s not ’cause Elsa’s blonde that I find her so gorgeous.  Honestly, I don’t know WHAT exactly it is about her, but I DO know that right then, I knew that I NEEDED to try to make her in cake form.

So when I walked out of that theater, looked over at MY little blonde baby girl (who’s just turned eight) and said, “Um… you think Elsa for your birthday?”… and then she, with her toothy smile completely taking over her face, simple stated, “YEEEEEES!” … well, I KNEW I had to get this one right.
20 buckets… no BARRELS of sweat later, and the same amount of  luck (Ok, I don’t really believe in luck, I personally think God decided to cut me some slack on this one after having had a bit of a tough week, recently)…


she came out how I  WANTED her to!!  WHA??????  I’m ecstatic.  She’s my first “bust” cake, too!  My little Sofia was so proud to show her off, that all I could do was smile.  And thank God that I DIDN’T give up on her after about 15 minutes into the project, like I wanted to.
Remember, this business requires QUITE a bit of vision… ’cause if I always predicted how my cake would look after observing the first few stages, I would STILL be huddled up in a corner somewhere, rocking back and forth, sobbing and mumbling incoherently.

You’ve got to be able to SEE how it could turn out.   And then pray REALLY hard that you’re right. ;)





Here are some “work in progress” pics, if you don’t believe me. :D (Head and hair are made of solid modeling chocolate… which I plan on showing you how to make soon and where to buy your candy wafers from to make it, ahem, PASTRY PORTAL!!  Blue part of dress is fondant, sleeves are wafer paper, colored light blue with disco dust applied.  Board is covered in royal icing, piping gel and clear sanding sugar.)