Gumball Machine Cake

When I was about 12, I had a paper route. I was a paper girl, yes. It stunk. BUT, I made money! And back then, $30 a week to a 12 year old was PRETTY DARN GOOD! I think. ANYWAY, I would walk to the Seven Eleven corner store each week to get my money order to send to my boss, and to spend a large chunk of what I earned on… candy.


Yes, that’s right… candy. Back then, CANDY was what I lived for. Clothes were ok, a new “toy”? Sure. But CANDY? Just tell me what to do, and I’d do it. So, I’d buy new bag or two of some succulent sweet each week once I earned my own money, and sneak it home, into my secret stash that I kept hidden away in my closet. ‘Cause if mom KNEW about how much candy I bought? *Shudder* Let’s not go there.



With that being said, you can just imagine how inwardly delighted I was to be commissioned to make a gumball machine cake for sweet Jules’s, candy themed birthday! I enjoyed every second of it. Even popped a few of the extra gumballs into my mouth while working on the details. Haven’t had one in years, and I must say, they’re still worth the frantic search for extra change. :D




And when my kids came home from school and had a look at what I was making… they couldn’t keep their eyes off the thing. Even tried to steal a few gumballs as well. The apples don’t fall too far from the tree, do they? ;)



I took a WHOLE lot o’ pictures while making this one, as it’s pretty easy to put together and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your kid’s next bday party. So, if you want ta give it a go, stay tuned. I’ll put a mini picture tutorial together for you soon. :)