Austin’s Story…First Official “McGreevy Cakes With Love” Donation

Do you ever find yourself playing out scenarios in your head of things that could POSSIBLY happen in your life…things that could happen to your kids? Wondering if you would really be able to survive the worst? Like, say, your son (or daughter) one day wants to get a paper route. You’re a little nervous, just ’cause you’re a parent, and it’s your kid’s first job, and well…you’re a PARENT. “Your heart will forever walk around outside of your body” once you own one of these creations. I saw that quote somewhere when I had my first baby, and nothing has ever rang more true in my life.

Anyway, back to imagining…you’re nervous about the paper route, but he IS 13, and you’ll go with him a few times at first just to kind of “check things out”. So you do…in fact you bring your other kids and you’re all on the paper route together with him his first day. Now imagine it’s pouring outside…pouring BUCKETS. Not ideal, but that’s life. He’s putting the papers in the doors, mailboxes, or where ever else has been specified (I had one of these routes as a kid…I know the ropes).

You’re in the car with your other children, just kind of following him. All is well… and then he crosses the street. There’s a car no one sees…came out of nowhere, headed for your boy. You’re in your car, and all you and your other children can do is watch, in the split second that it takes for that car to hit your son head on, and send him flying.

You run out of the car to your son, hold him the best you can, and start screaming louder than you have ever screamed in your life, for help.

Ok, stop. Hasn’t really happened to your son or daughter. It’s kind of taken me by suprprise, but while I write this, I’m crying again…just like I was on the phone when Dena was telling me this story about her boy, Austin. It really DID happen to her and her family.

“Lord, have mercy” was all I could think as she was recounting the horrible accident, and the good news is, He did. Austin broke his pelvis in a couple of places and couldn’t walk all summer. He missed his moving up day at school, and “toughed out” more than any kid should have to at his age. BUT, he’s ok now. He’s walking again, and he’ll even be cleared for gym class in October. Talk about mercy…

Austin’s parents, I think, wanting to try to make up for just a little bit of what was lost this summer, are throwing him a big party for his 14th birthday this week. I caught wind of this and asked if I could make him his cake.

I know it’s not much. It doesn’t help with medical bills…it doesn’t ease the nightmares that accompany the tragedy, but it’s what I know how to do, so I’m doing it. And hopefully, it’ll come out really cool. :)

Check back on Wednesday for a run down of the design and some sneak peek pics of the decorations…and thanks for having taken the extra time (that is so hard to come by) to read his story.