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Fondant Peacock Feather Tutorial!

I was SOOOO excited when I noticed on facebook that a bride who had already booked her date with me (the lovely Suzanne, for those of you who know her) was pinning peacock themed wedding ideas on Pinterest! I had seen peacock themed wedding cake pics floating around the web, and had been secretly DYING to try one…but when was THAT ever gonna happen, right?

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s Uncle… It happened!  45 hand-rolled, cut, rolled again, scored, and colored peacock feathers, and 6 VERY large sort-of-fantasy-dahlias later, there it was!

It wasn’t nearly as easy as I thought it would be to work out the design…it’s amazing how many different artistic ways you can come up with to make peacock feathers. In the end, I decided they needed to looks somewhat close to the real thing…less Picasso, more Da Vinci. Little did I realize how LONGGGGG that would take.

It did occur to me, however, in my sleep deprived haze, to take some pics throughout the process in case any of my curious friends might want a look see as to how I went about creating the actual fondant feather. So, I put together a very shabby picture tutorial for you…who knows? Maybe some day you’ll want to stick a few of these babies in some cupcakes for a friend who has a peacock fetish…it could happen,  just sayin’. :D

You basically cut out the four different color shapes. (I ended up using an oval cutter with fluted edges for the largest piece- not the one in the picture.) Place them on top of each other in the appropriate order, (I put a little water on the back of the top three layers to help them stick together) and then roll lightly and carefully so as to not distort the shape too much. The idea is to fuse them together a bit so the end result doesn’t have any raised surfaces.

Then, I used a mini roller tool (I’m sure there’s a better name for it that I’ve never heard of because I can’t get myself to slow down long enough to pay attention to these things) to score them to achieve the feather look. (Just kinda rolled it from the bottom to the top in a sort of fanned out pattern.) Sorry, I forgot to get a pic of this step.

DONE!! Well, that’s what I orginally thought anyway, until I then started thinking, “How am I going to attach these bad boys to the cake? and, huh… the colors don’t pop as much as I was hoping either.” I was going to have to attach a wire to the back of each of these things, and as far as the color went- part of my brain was shouting “Just leave it alone, Shawna…Just LEAVE IT!” But I don’t think I’ve listened to that part of my brain once…or maybe ever…in my entire life… so I didn’t just leave it.

I flipped a feather over, painted a little edible glue onto a wire, lightly pushed the wire down onto the back, and then laid a thin little strip of fondant over the wire where it touched the feather. I proceeded to do this for all 45 feathers.

THEN…I used a little paint brush to color the middle of EACH feather with some navy edible dust, and brush some purple dust around the edge of EACH feather. Blow your nose after that process (probably because you’ll be crying…and crying) and you’ll get a kick out of what you see in your tissue. (Edible dust never quite stays where you want it too.)

By this point, if you haven’t sworn up and down that you’ll never look give another peacock the time of day, again, in your life, well then …you’re just not normal. But don’t worry, normal’s overrated anyway…at least that’s what they tell ME. :)

Ok, I’m done being passive aggressive…Suzanne loved it! She told me just HOW MUCH she loved it, and in the end, that always makes it worth it! (Well, MOST of the time anyway…) ;)


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