New TOTES ADORBS Craftsy Class!

Hiya guys!

Just thought I’d let you know about the new Craftsy class that’s just been released… ’cause it’s, like, SERIOUSLY cute and I can’t quite stop looking at all o’ the little cutie shoes on the poster cover.  (Erm… and it’s on SERIOUS sale ’cause it’s new!!)


Hard not to imagine (and dream) of all o’ the different, TOTES adorable cakes that could be made using this idea!


The instructor is Sharon Wee of Sharon Wee Creations of whom I have met and LURVE… and I’ve not a single shred of doubt that this class is going to be worth every red cent spent on it.  (Even though, that’s not a lot of red cents since it’s ON SERRRRRRIOUS SALE right now!!  Did I mention that yet?)


Go check it out for yourself (by clicking on any of the pictures)… and I dare you to NOT say, “Awwwwwwwe” in your head.


Betcha a box o’ chocolates you can’t do it.

It’s THAT “awe” worthy.


And in case I haven’t yet mentioned that it’s on sale right now (tee hee), IT’S ON SAAAALE!!

(There.  Bases covered.)


Toodles! Xx

Oh, and winners of last week’s nautical-themed cake contest will be announced on Monday!  SQUEEEEEE!!!




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nemo book 1

Cruise *AHEM* I Mean, Sailboat/Ocean Themed Contest!!

I’m ready to burst… to just BURST, I tell you!!

We’re just about ready to present to you something SEEEEEEERIOUSLY cool that’s got us ALL KINDS of worked up over here at McGreevy Cakes headquarters! (In fact, if you answered our one, teensy little question survey about a month ago, then check your email inbox again tomorrow ’cause we’ll have something special in it for you… SQUEEEEEE!!)

full cake 1

But while we’re waiting for the green light to spill the beans on this CRAZY new event we’ve cooked up, I thought it’d be fun to run a lil’ contest to help celebrate!

Sooooo…. here’s what I’m thinking…

Go through your work (if you’re a cake/cupcake/cookie decorator… or just sit back and enjoy the fun, if not :) ) and find your favorite ocean/beach/sailboat/nautical related themed photos of your creations that you’re pretty proud of,

and share them in the comments below!

nemo book 1

I’ll browse through the photos, pick out my favorites, feature them on my Facebook page with a shout out to the creator’s business page/website… and send a bundle of all of my $5 tutorials, as a gift, to the ones I’ve chosen!

You up for it?

Ok, so post away!  You can post up to five different photos of work you’ve created related to the theme, and don’t forget to add your email, Facebook business page and/or website if you have one!

new watermark nautical 1

(And ermm… got an idea of what this li’l (BIG) event is all about that’s got me peeing my pants over here??!!  Do ya… DO YA??  AAAAHHHHHH!  SQUEEEEE!!!!)

Ok… time to shove any remaining Easter candy in my mouth and take a chill pill or I really AM gonna pee my pants.  (No, like… really.)

And even if you don’t actually decorate any kind of sugar in your spare time, KEEP AN EYE ON THIS SPACE!  ‘Cause somethin’s coming… and it’s for EEEEEEEEEVERYONE!!  (woops, peeing again.) ;) Xx

K… show me yo’ stuff!! (You can post up through Sunday.)

Oh, and to post in the comments below, you can just quickly sign up with discuss (free and no spam email or anything) if you aren’t signed up already, or use your Facebook or Google login to sign in.  It should prompt you when you try to leave a comment below. Xx