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How to Make (& Color) Wafer Paper Bows, & Use SaWEEET Stencils!

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I’m just a girl.

I’ve tried to be more for most of my childhood.  I grew up wanting to show my big brother and his friends that there wasn’t anything they could do that I couldn’t… that I could play any sport just as well as the next guy, and I could be tougher than that rusty ol’ box o’ nails that sat on the shelf in the garage.

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I was wrong.

I simply didn’t possess the strength needed to hold my own in a game of tackle football.  And, really, WHO did I think I was kidding?  I wailed like a banshee when I pricked my finger on a rosebush.

top 1

No matter the veneer I glued to my outside… the inside was, is and always will be made of a pink paradise… filled with glitter, beautiful shoes, ruffly bows, and as some old friends of mine would say, lots of “poofey stuff”…. where pain is avoided at all costs, and quite frankly, “tackling” anything is never allowed.

bows middle 1

I AM A GIRLY GIRL.  And in my (ever so slightly) old age, I’ve come to see that there’s no other thing I’d rather be.

Doesn’t mean I can’t play a mean game of volleyball  (erm… well “mean” may be slightly subjective here, these days), and pushing out four babies over the past several years can’t exactly be defined as “wimpy”, right?

side 1

Just don’t put anything pretty, pink or shiny on the volleyball court (or anywhere close enough where it may call to me to come and touch it).  I mean, a girl HAS her priorities.

Just sayin’.

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Got to make this girly baby shower cake for my cousin last week.

And I loved every second of it. Xx

OH!! And I made a free video tutorial of how I colored and fashioned the wafer paper bows for you, too! 

(Click HERE to see the wafer paper I use!)

Here’s the video…


Wafer Bows 1

 What the wafer bows look like all by their lonesome… ^^^






stencil side 1


I used my new, AMAZING stencil by Evil Cake Genius!!  

Their stencils are specially designed to create intricate designs on your cakes, and I have fallen deeply in love with them.

(Hubby understands.)

Click HERE to see all of their AWESOME options to choose from!!

(Video on how to use them, on the way!)


Toile stencil





 See the TWO colors in that stencil? (There’s coral AND mint… though I’m a dunce and made the mint a bit too light for the white background.)

How cool is THAT?  Only with Evil Cake Genius’s stencils, baby!!


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Here’s a direct link to the wafer paper I use if you need some!…


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cutting mat

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EXCLUSIVE Discount on Avalon Cakes’ Wafer Filigree Tutorial!!

I just love giving.

I know, I know, everyone says that.  But I’m still gonna say it too, ’cause it’s really real.  Something God built into us, actually, I think.

When you give, you are filled up with the good stuff… ya know?  Makes you want to give more.


And while it is clear that we can’t give EVERYTHING away, ’cause yes… we do need to support our families,  we can at least SWEETEN the deal up a bit, here and there, and make things just a little bit easier on the wallet every once in a while.

And so, the fact that I can practically GIVE Avalon Cakes’ brand new, AH-MA-ZIIIIING wafer paper filigree video tutorial away to you for HALF price @$7 for the next 48 hours only  (SQUEEEEE!!!) 

makes me a very happy girl, indeed. :)


Do you SEE these photos??  Do you SEE the possibilities??  ermygosh, my head may quite possibly EXPLODE from them!  Wafer filigree will haunt my dreams until I recreate one o’ the visions in my head, onto the side of a cake… I just know it.  (I see things… I hear things… I know.  I’m a head case, but we digress…)


And if you know Avalon’s tutorials, then you KNOW that they’re actually worth, like, $40 EACH with all o’ the info she jam packs into them.  This one is no different… I mean the thing is a FIVE project course for cryin’ out loud!


But you don’t need me to convince you.


The photos say it all.


Ok, so to recap, here’s the deal…

You can get Avalon Cakes’ new wafer filigree, 5 project tutorial for HALF PRICE @ $7… for the next 48 hours ONLY! 


(You won’t see the box until the final checkout page, so don’t get nervous. ;) )



Seven bucks… that’s like a trip to Starbucks, plus the gas fare.

This one, my friends, is a no-brainer. ;)

$7, starting…. NOW!       SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Xx

Click here to get to the tutorial!!





pssst… If you have any issues buying/downloading this tutorial, click HERE and if problems continue, please email Avalon Cakes at





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kitten 1

Kitty in a Teacup Cake Tutorial!

So, one day I set out to make a perfect cake, in a perfect setting, on a perfect day. Everything was going perfectly as planned, I left myself the perfect amount of time to make it…and in short, EVERYTHING was perfect.

Aaaaand then I woke up.

new 1

Yeah, um… sooo, want the REAL version?

It was two days after Christmas…which basically meant I had ZERO time to prepare for this one.  But that was nobody’s fault.  There was a surprise birthday party for my sweet niece who would be leaving the next day on a plane ride home, so that’s when it had to be.


So I had a total of about 6 hours to whip this baby up… start to finish.  And if you know me, you already know how this is gonna go.

KK (my oldest sweetie niece) loves kittens.  And I found this adorable photo of a real kitten in a teacup, online… and my brain got stuck on it and refused to believe that the rest of me couldn’t make it happen in 6 hours.


 ( I added lines to make her fur by using my new Sugar Works, soft, pointed tip sugar shaper, here!
See the end of the post for a special discount on Sugar Shapers!!  SQUEEE!)

Stupid brain.

Alright, I’m gonna make a long story short, here.


 (I airbrushed ‘er while looking at a picture of a real kitty.  See my airbrush system, here!)

I rushed.  (Lightening speed like I was Speedy Gonzales or somethin’.  Shouldo’ SEEN me. ;)

I nixed some of the design on the bottom tier I had planned, and just kept it simple.


And I finished the cake… about 2 minutes before we had to be OUT THE DOOR for the surprise party (as to NOT mess up the design by being late like we ALWAYS are ’cause of my perpetual lateness disease that I’ll tell you about another time.)

I photographed it in about 30 seconds flat, and then turned to rush off to throw a cute hat on to hide my hideous hair day, when Thomas attempted to move the cake onto a large board for delivery.

And that’s when disaster struck.


He tipped it, just slightly mind you…. the teacup on top wobbled a bit, and SPLIT nearly in half! WHA???

You see… because I was rushing, and hadn’t planned carefully enough, I had messed with the support straws in that teacup (holding up the kitty) a bit too much (changing their placement and such), and this weakened the cake.  (Plus, I didn’t use ganache like I really should have to help keep things together all nice and sturdy-like.)


And the cake split right where I had three support straws lined up in that teacup.

I tried to “glue” it back together with buttercream… I tried to hold the thing together while drove to the party… but by the time we arrived, the teacup was a COMPLETE goner.  UNSALVAGEABLE.  Kaput.

new 1

And I had to ditch it.  Fortunately, the kitty was still intact, so while laughing on the outside, and weeping on the inside… I removed the atrocity of a teacup and just popped the sleeping feline on top of the bottom tier.


And since most of the world was home sick with the flu on that day and only my immediate family was able to show for the party, I was spared severe shame and self torture for having been such a DUNCE.

Y’all, I out right SCREWED THAT CAKE UP!

And when Thomas said “You KNOW you need to take a picture of that mess and post it on your blog, right?” I hung my head and whispered, “Yes.  Yes… I know.”


But in the spirit of making all things new again, I’ve put together the video of how I made this cake… making sure you know how to do it WITHOUT a major crisis on your hands.

crocheted bow

 (I used a crochet mold to help make this edible ribbon.  See it here!)

And if you’re still nervous to try it out (like any rational human being would be) you can always skip the teacup and go for a much more stable BASKET or somethin’… or even just have it sleeping on top of the cake on a blanket.

kitten 1

‘Cause when I explained what happened to my niece and told her that I intended for her cake to be MUCH cuter in the end, she sweetly whispered, “I think my cake is super cute JUST the way it is.”

Gosh, I love that girl.  Even if she IS a really good liar. Xx

new 1



Here’s the video, guys!!


Oh, and guess what??  I’ve tried out a new brand of color shapers, called “Sugar Shapers” made by a company called “Sugarworks“!

The shapers are soo cool, and you get TWO sizes on one shaper!  LOVE them… and used them for this project while making the kitty’s fur and the details of the face.

AAAAND you can get 5% off by entering the coupon code “SHAWNAMCGREEVY” into the discount code box at checkout!!  (That’s meee!! ;) )

Click here to check them out!!


They’re one of the best tools I have in my stockpile… and while they’re definitely an investment, remember that these new ones have TWO sized tips on one stick… so DEFINITELY worth it.  (And the sizes are about a size 6 and size 10 which are the sizes I use the most!)

Alright, alright… enough fun for now. ;)  See ya next week, guys!Xx


kitten 1



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Fox Family & Birch Tree Log Cake!

full top 1


What does the Fox say?

I’ve no idea.  I still haven’t seen that video or even heard the song.  (That’s what it is, right… a music video thingy?  See… told you I don’t know what’s going on.)


top tier 1


This cake has nothing to do with that. (Wull, except that it has foxes on it and all… but yeah, ok… moving on.)

THIS was actually a baby shower cake, made for one of of my sister-in-laws and her hubby. (‘Cause the McGreevy family likes to turn baby showers into a good ol’ fashioned cocktail party… at night, with great food, drink, the men invited, and presents to be opened at a later date.)  What can I say?  They ARE Irish. ;)


tiers 1


Alright, so why “fox” you ask?  (Just pretend you’re asking, k?)  Wulp, Sarah (my lovely SIL) has always said (since long before she met her man, btw) that someday, if she ever has a baby boy, she’ll name him Francis Xavier.  “Francis” being my FIL’s name… and she just thought Xavier was kinda cool.  Those initials, FX, said as a word, sound a bit like “Fox”.  So her maybe-someday son was to be nicknamed… wait for it…. Fox. (Which, incidentally, we are all kind of in love with.)


hearts 1


Well, MOST of us, anyway.

See, since then, she’s gone and fallen for, married, and gotten knocked up by the love of her life, Mike.

And Mike isn’t sold.


baby fox 1


And that’s where the current status remains… Sarah’s still got that sweet bambino in her belly (umm, whose gender is yet, unknown, btw), and Mike has not nearly signed off on the name “Fox”.  (Plus, there’s been whisperings of him maybe kindo’ sorto’ wanting a “junior” if this sweet pea DOES come out a little man).


fox family 1


So, what’s a good Italian sister-in-law to do? (That’s be me, btw.)  Make her a fox or two… or three, on top of her celebration cake… just in case her hubby doesn’t come to see the light.


wide 1


And if there were some subliminal messages sent to Mike through the making and sharing of this particular cake… well then, so be it.

‘Cause, you know… girls gotta do what girls gotta do. ;) Xx


fox and birch new logo



I’ve got a new $5 tutorial on how to make a birch tree log cake like the one pictured here, coming soon!!


birch log 1


But the holidays, of course, have set me back a bit and I’m currently playing catch up.

(Ok, most of you know I’m ALWAYS playing catch up, but just PRETEND it’s due to the holidays. ;) )

birch log tiers 1

Some “makin’ the Fox” progress shots…



Tools I used.


All made of modeling chocolate…






fox family 1


Making the pine needles, here.  I cut little mod choc strips, added a little line down the middle and then painted them with dark green and a little touch of white.

(But if you can get the green the right color without painting it, that’d work too.)

baby fox 1

I added clear sanding sugar to help represent “winter” along with the mod choc berries that I painted a deep red.

And I dusted the mama and baby fox with some pink petal dust in spots to “warm” them up a bit.

‘Cause what are we in this life, if not “warm”. ;) Xx

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Christmas 12 Logo 2

12 Drummers Drumming!! (And a “Wood” Cake Board Tutorial!)

On the 12th day of Chriiiistmas, my true love gave to me…

 Christmas 12 Logo 1

12 drummers drumming!!!


Nick Smith of The Pukka Cake Parlour has fashioned this final day of Christmas’s absolutely BRILLIANT cake piece for our 12 days of Christmas cake project!

And I think it’s safe to say that THIS guy marches to the beat of his own drum. (<— See what I did there? *snort*  K, just makin’ sure.)

Christmas 12 Logo 2

Alright, I’m gonna be straight with you.  Gonna lay down my pride and put all o’ my cards on the table right now…

I had NO idea what “Pukka” meant.  I mean, I’ve known that’s the name of Nick’s cake company for a bit now… and I’ve only just now… RIGHT before I started writing this post… I’ve only just NOW looked it up.  (Come on, SOMEONE tell me they too didn’t know!?       Bueller?       *sigh*)

Christmas 12 Logo 3

ANYWHO, like I said, I looked it up.  And this is the definition I found in the Urban Dictionary… “A slang-term used in British English to describe something as “first class” or “absolutely genuine”.”

And now it ALL makes sense.  ‘Cause if you go to Nick’s Facebook page, The Pukka Cake Parlour, that’s exactly what will come to mind, “FIRST CLASS”.   This guy’s work is PRECISE.  It is CLEAN as all get out.  And it’s so stinkin’ brilliant that I can barley contain myself when looking at it!!

Christmas 12 Logo 4

First class.  Yep, that would DEFINITELY be Nick Smith.  Chef by day, first class cake artist by night.  (And he’s even a bit of a singing sensation on the side.   Just check out the little Christmas video we put together for you at the end of this post if you don’t believe me!)  Sheesh… some people just’ve got it all, ya know? :*

And Nick FC (that’s my new nickname for him, now… FC being “first class”, of course) has put together an awesome tutorial for you on how to make your cake board look like a wood floor/table, like the one in his piece!   CHECK ‘ER OUT!!!

Christmas 12 Logo 1

But before you do, here’s a peek at that video I mentioned.   It’s our way of saying “Thank you”… for hanging out with us a bit this crazy busy Christmas season, but most importantly for always being so supportive of us cakeies… doin’ our thing, and lovin’ doin’ it.

Without you guys, it wouldn’t be much of a “thing” at all.  You bring us joy all year long.  So deliberately (’cause sometimes it happens by accident, too) making a fool out of ourselves for a few minutes was the LEAST we could do in return… ;)

  and I pray that every one of you will have a day filled with rest and joy, surrounded by those who love you unconditionally. 

We wish you the very MERRIEST of Christmas’s, everyone! Xx



Here’s Nick’s “wood” cake board tutorial…


Tutorial for wood grain board

By The Pukka Cake Parlour


Step 1: Take your sugar paste & split into 2, mix in your chosen brown colours, this can be done by mixing 1 part brown in fully & also by partly mixing the other brown to give a marble effect. I used a dark brown & caramel for this project.

Wood Board Tut 1

Step 2: roll one of the coloured brown i.e. caramel into two sausage lengths, and then roll the other brown i.e. dark brown into 1 sausage length. Then sandwich them together (See Picture)

Wood Board Tut 2

Step: Twist these lengths together to create a rope looking effect.

Wood Board Tut 3

Step 4: Fold the twisted rope onto itself & start bringing the sugar paste together, but very importantly don’t over knead as you will lose the grain effect, you only want to just get it in one piece so it’s smooth & ready to roll. Wrap in cling film & leave aside. Next measure your cake board & work out what size floor panel will evenly fit onto your cake board. Use this measurement to cut a template for your floor panel shape.

Wood Board Tut 4

Step 5: Roll out sugar paste with a light dusting of icing sugar to around 5mm. Then cut the sugar paste using your template to create your floor panel. Using a Dresden tool create more defined wood grain effects by lightly scoring the sugar paste.

Wood Board Tut 5

Step 6: Start to stick your panels down with edible glue & use a cake smoother with a straight flush edge to neaten the panel. As your lay you sugar wood panels, you do not want them butted up tightly to each other, use a palette knife to help define the lines between each panel (See Picture)

Wood Board Tut 6

Step 7: Once you have completed laying your sugar floor, you can either airbrush with Brown, yellow & black to highlight the wood grain, but if you do not have an airbrush edible dusts will work to help create a more realistic effect.

Wood Board Tut 7


Merry Christmas & Happy Caking From Nick @ The Pukka Cake Parlour


Christmas 12 Logo 1


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